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vehicle mechanics

vehicle mechanics

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Automotive mechanics offer


We offer comprehensive automotive mechanics services:

  • Technical inspections,
  • Complete oil and filter changes,
  • Suspension repairs,
  • Brake repairs,
  • Timing belt replacements,
  • Clutch replacements,
  • Exhaust system repairs,
  • Automotive electrical repairs,
  • Wheel alignment,
  • Air conditioning service and dehumidification.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive tire and wheel replacements. Our experienced team of specialists utilizes the latest diagnostic technologies, ensuring fast and precise fault localization. With transparent repair costs and competitive prices for replacement parts, we prioritize customer satisfaction and maintain vehicles in excellent technical condition.

We welcome you
from Monday to Friday
from 08:00 to 18:00
and on Saturdays
from 08:00 to 14:00.





Automotive mechanics repair

Our auto repair shop offers comprehensive automotive mechanics repair services, including diagnostics and repairs of all kinds of faults. Our experienced team of specialists utilizes the latest technologies, ensuring fast and precise identification of problems.

We offer professional engine oil change service, ensuring optimal performance of your vehicle’s engine. Our experienced staff uses high-quality oils tailored to your car’s specifications, guaranteeing effective protection against wear and tear. With a fast and precise oil change process, we provide not only efficient service but also long-term maintenance of engine efficiency.

Our automotive electrical repair service includes comprehensive diagnostics and repairs for all issues related to the vehicle’s electrical system. Our experienced electrician utilizes modern equipment, enabling quick identification of faults and their effective elimination. We guarantee not only professional service but also precise repairs, restoring the electrical efficiency of your car.

Our car air conditioning repair service offers comprehensive diagnostics, maintenance, and repairs aimed at restoring optimal cooling system operation. Our experienced team of specialists uses advanced equipment, allowing for effective identification of problems and their swift resolution. We guarantee not only the refreshment and repair of the air conditioning but also an individual approach to the customer, ensuring their comfort during travel.


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