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international shipping

international shipping

transport międzynarodowy

Are you looking for a reliable partner for international transportation?


  1. We invest in technology and the skills of our employees.
  2. We have a modern fleet ensuring safety and punctuality.
  3. We have experienced drivers – your goods are in safe hands.
  4. International service – we deliver within the European Union and Switzerland.

Safely deliver your goods

throughout the entire European Union and Switzerland





heavy-duty transport up to 25 tons

transport międzynarodowy

Freight transport up to 24 tons is a service for transporting loads weighing up to 24 tons using a semi-trailer tractor with a curtain side trailer. This type of transport includes the transportation of various goods, ranging from industrial and commercial products to construction materials and consumer goods.

Our company’s fleet consists of 12 semi-trailer tractors with 13.60m trailers adapted for transporting loads weighing 24-25 tons. Our vehicles are equipped for transporting hazardous goods according to ADR regulations.

Our company can proudly boast of extensive experience in the field of deliveries, especially to key European countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Over the years, we have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary for effectively organizing transportation within these countries, enabling us to deliver goods on time and with the utmost care. Thanks to our solid reputation and proven practices, we are a reliable partner for logistical services to and from these strategic destinations.

Our transportation company guarantees timeliness and reliability of deliveries. Thanks to organized logistic processes and a modern fleet of vehicles, we are able to meet strict delivery deadlines, fulfilling the expectations of our customers. Our experience and professionalism ensure that you can be confident your goods will reach their destination according to schedule, without delays or complications.


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